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Our Philosophy

A state of the art boutique hotel with a magnificent atmosphere, Hotel Philosophy combines a modern blend of personality and elegance with touches of culture.

As you immerse yourself within the hotel you can sense the magnitude and feel of an old 1930's building that's been fully refurbished into an ultra modern destination for those who enjoy luxury in the old town.

Apart from the design, the property is beautifully located within walking distance of the citadel, the Roman amphitheater and all the antique shops and local restaurants in downtown. Also, the property is hundreds of stairs away from the cultural promenade of Rainbow street, making this hotel the best choice for travelers looking to get the most authentic experience in Jordanian culture.


Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

 Bar & restaurant

In-room dining

Concierge services

Valet parking

Lobby Bar 


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