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A vibrant hub in downtown Amman where hearty food and an upbeat ambience converge perfectly. It's a spot that fuses all the best the city has to offer.

While our bubbly thick and perfectly crisp flat breads are presented as the base attraction, they are elevated and separated as a dining experience through the fusion of different cuisines including Mediterranean, Latin, Asian and Armenian. Designed to be an immersive dining experience through the addition of our signature sides, while accompanied by local seasonal beers and wines to delight the taste palate. 

Our main courses are designed to be deceptively simple looking in direction. They are based in the 3 main proteins of Beef, Chicken, Fish plus our vegan options. The twist and style of service is sure to attract regular customers that favor a repeated 5 star standard lasting a lifetime.


Our breakfast menu has also been elevated to what a modern boutique should aspire to, giving a homey feeling, while our a la carte items such as eggs up a notch and the superfood jars will give guests and customers an unforgettable dining experience.


Alb Amman قلب عمان


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